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Hi and welcome to Tigerlily & Me!

My name is Noa and I love fashion. Fashion can be a huge and scary word these days but I refuse to think that because I'm not a gifted fashion designer or celebrity or super-rich, that I can't be in the fashion world or that I can't be fashionable. I also don't believe that you have one style that defines you.

I was a tomboy my whole life, then I became a professional ballet dancer, then I got into surfing. Life is always changing and so was my fashion taste. And I learned that all my different fashion styles could all coexist. One day I could wear my boyfriend jeans with a wifebeater top, the next day a classy dress with a pair of elegant heels and the day after a boho white dress and flip-flops.

But I could never afford to go shopping and buy the latest collections and that sucked. So I would try to get inspired and get into the mood of what I wanted to feel like and find an item in my closet that made me feel that way. For example, today I'm feeling retro and vintage, I have that Jane Birkin, Bridget Bardot vibe so I would grab a pair of flared jeans and short block-heeled boots, maybe slap on a vest and Bridget Bardot my hair into a half up hairdo. I had the vibe, and surprisingly it worked. I felt good in what I was wearing and was radiating that confidence. I didn't need to buy the whole outfit from the mannequin and compete with the next girl "who wore it better", I was unique and feeling it!

So I decided to quit my job and open an online store that would make fashion affordable for everyone. And you wouldn't need to buy the whole outfit or store to complete a look. One item could be enough to make the look. 
Then I went out looking for affordable and unique clothes and I ended up finding talented young designers living their dream and making amazing fashion. And it is so exciting working with creative designers that have that spark of enthusiasm and similar vision.

My vision going forward is making fashion affordable. Making people feel unique. It's not so much about selling entire collections as it is about inspiring people to make their own outfits and empowering them to exude that vibe they are looking to feel.

There is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost.

 Martha Graham